Discord is a chat app with a following of millions of users. Discord also has a feature called “modmail.” Modmail Discord refers to a direct message that is sent from a Discord user to a Discord server moderator. The purpose of modmail is to provide a way for users to contact moderators directly in order to report issues or request assistance. Modmail can be accessed by anyone with a Discord account and can be found in the “mod mail” section of the Discord interface. In order to send a modmail, simply navigate to the “mod mail” section and select the “compose” button. From there, you can enter the username of the Discord moderator you wish to contact and your message. Once you have composed your message, simply select the “send” button and your message will be delivered directly to the Discord moderator.Moderators can also choose to disable modmail on their Discord server if they so desire. However, doing so may make it more difficult for users to report issues or request assistance. As such, it is generally recommended that moderators leave modmail enabled in order to ensure that they are able to effectively moderate their Discord server.

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