Discord is a chat app with millions of users worldwide. Many Discord servers have moderators who help to keep the chat organized and free of spam. But what is it like to be a Discord moderator?

For most people, being a Discord moderator is a volunteer role. Moderators typically spend a few hours each day checking the chat for new messages and responding to any reports of rule-breaking behavior. They may also help to welcome new members and answer any questions they have about the server. While it can be time-consuming, being a Discord moderator can be rewarding, as it gives you a chance to interact with people from all over the world and help to create a positive community environment.

Of course, Discord mods do have lives outside of the app. Many moderators are students or working professionals who use Discord in their free time. Some moderators may even run their own Discord servers, in addition to moderating others. Regardless of what else they may have going on in their lives, Discord moderators always have one thing in common: a commitment to making their server a safe and fun place for everyone.

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