Discord is a popular chat app with millions of users worldwide. Discord’s popularity is due in part to its robust set of features, which include support for high-quality audio and video calls, rich mediaEmbedment, and extensive server customization options. Discord also has an active and engaged community of moderators who help to keep the app running smoothly.

One recent controversy that has emerged on Discord is the debate between those who believe in a flat earth, and those who do not. The flat earth discord group is extremely active, with thousands of members posting daily. The group’s moderator is very active in promoting flat earth theory, and the group has been growing rapidly. However, there are also many discord users who are skeptical of flat earth theory, and who believe that the theory is baseless and unsupported by scientific evidence. The debate between these two groups has been heated at times, but overall remains respectful and civil. Discord provides a unique platform for debating controversial topics like this, and it will be interesting to see how the debate unfolds in the coming months.

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