Discord is a popular chat app for gamers that allows players to connect with each other for gaming purposes. Discord also has a feature called “Rich Presence,” which allows players to share information about their game progress and what game they’re playing. Discord moderators can use Rich Presence to help manage server activity and keep track of game updates. Discord moderators can also add custom Discord images, called “mod pictures.” Mod pictures help players identify the Discord server they’re on and helps Discord moderators keep track of server events. To add a mod picture to your Discord server, you’ll need to be a Discord moderator. Once you’re a Discord moderator, you can add a mod picture by going to your Discord settings and selecting the “Mod Pictures” option. From there, you can upload an image or choose from a selection of pre-made mod pictures. Once you’ve chosen or uploaded an image, you can select how often the mod picture should change. You can also add text to the mod picture to help explain what it is or what it represents. If you want to create a custom Discord mod picture, you’ll need to use an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP. You’ll also need to have a Discord account and be a Discord moderator. If

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