Discord is a free voice and text chat app for iPhone and Android that lets gamers stay connected with friends and other Discord users. Discord also has a feature that allows users to add Discord bots to their servers. These Discord bots can help tomoderate Discord servers by providing moderation tools, games, and other fun features. Discord moderators often use these bots to help keep their servers clean and organized. However, some moderators also use Discord bots to make jokes. For example, there is a Discord bot called “Dank Memer” that can post memes in Discord channels. This bot is often used by moderators to lighten the mood in Discord servers. Another popular Discord bot is “Toxic.” This bot posts messages that are meant to be inflammatory or offensive in order to stir up discord (hence the name). These types of jokes can sometimes be funny, but they can also be hurtful or offensive. Moderators should use discretion when using Discord bots to make jokes, as they may unintentionally cause disharmony in their servers.

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