Discord is a free voice and text chat app for iPhone and Android that lets you communicate with your friends and co-workers like never before. Discord also has awesome features like server and client voice chat, rich media voice and video support, and dynamic server roles that give you more control over who can join your conversations. Discord’s minimum specs are pretty simple: – A processor capable of running Discord (recommended: Intel i5 or better) – At least 4GB of RAM (recommended: 8GB or more) – A modern graphics card with support for DirectX 11 or above (recommended: GTX 960 or better) If you meet Discord’s minimum specs, you should be able to join and use most servers without any issues. However, if you’re looking to join a server with high traffic or lots of users, you may need to upgrade your hardware to avoid any lag. Discord is a fantastic platform for gamers, developers, and anyone else who wants to stay connected with their friends and co-workers. Give it a try today!

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