Discord is a popular chatting app that allows users to connect with each other in real time. Recently, the app has become known for its role in helping to connect gamers and gaming communities. As a result, Discord has become a popular place for gaming discussion and debate.

One of the most popular Discord servers is the Batman server. This server is dedicated to discussion of the Batman comics, movies, and games. Recently, the server’s owner decided to appoint a new moderator: Batman himself.

Batman is now a Discord moderator, and he’s using his powers for good. He’s been working hard to keep the server clean and organized, and he’s been clamping down on trolls and spam. He’s also been sharing his extensive knowledge of the Batman universe with other members of the community.

Overall, everyone seems to be happy with Batman’s performance as a Discord moderator. He’s doing a great job of keeping the server clean and fun, and he’s adding another layer of Batman fandom to an already great community.

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